Window Screen Repair/builds

Window Screen Repair/builds Ram Northwest Construction LLC

Ram Northwest uses a mobile screening unit to come to clients homes to rescreen or rebuild window screens and sliding screen doors.

We provide multiple screen frame color variations to fit your needs. We offer paint matching to match unique frame coloring based on color availability for an additional fee.

Please feel free to call us for advice on our cleaning services at (541) 971-1488 or alternatively email us at or use our online form.

We offer 4 different screen options:

1. Standard Screen: Traditional charcoal colored fiberglass screen, this screen is the most popular, and most widely used.

2. Pet Resistant Screen: This screen is a thicker and more durable screen that withstands wear and tear from animals to prevent damage and tearing of the screens overtime.

3. Small Insect Resistant Screen: This screen option provides a smaller screen mesh than our standard screen to prevent entry of even the smallest bugs through your screens!

4. Sun Resistant Screen: This screen is a darker mesh that helps block sunlight in areas that may be effected by direct light. It helps to keep rooms darker, and cooler from sun exposure.

Now offering: Pet Doors for Screen Doors!

Are you someone who wants to leave their screen doors open but your pets still need access to the outdoors frequently? We’ve got the answer for you!

We now offer pet doors for sliding screen doors!

Our pet screen door is installed into your sliding screen door, at the appropriate height and size for your animal. It still provides the screen protection, but allows your pets entry as needed!

For best results: we suggest re-screening screen door with pet resistant screen prior to pet door install to provide extra durability.

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