Custom Holiday Lighting!

Custom Holiday Lighting! Ram Northwest Construction LLC

Are you tired of trying to light up your home every time by yourself? We have got you covered! Our Custom Holiday Lighting service is the perfect solution to your holiday lighting needs.

Our professional staff is experienced in installing, maintaining and lighting up any area – no matter how big or small. Ram Northwest offers a wide range of lighting options – so that you can get the right look for your beautiful home.

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Custom Holiday Lighting!

  • We specialize in Custom Holiday Lighting!
  • Our lighting is cut to fit your homes unique layout, adding holiday cheer wherever you desire.
  • No loose lights, or trying to figure out how to hide extra lights on the strand.
  • We use commercial grade, C9 LED lighting. The lights are durable, bright and energy efficient.
  • The color options are customizable to your decorative preference, you can choose the colors and the pattern as we hand tighten each bulb!
  • Colors and patterns can be interchanged each season if desired, for an additional fee.
  • Most homes lighting can be wired to one single outlet, and we provide a lighting timer so they function independently. Hours of operation can be customized by the client, to fit their preferences.

Yearly Lighting Storage: We offer OPTIONAL, yearly storage of customer lighting for a small yearly fee if desired.

  • 3 year warranty on stored lighting.
  • Before the yearly install, we inspect lighting and replace bulbs if needed. If color changes are desired, we would have them completed prior to our install date.

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